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Inchyra Blue - Idyllic Interior - Woking

One of our available services is interior design, we know choosing the right colours for your space can be a minefield. Working with our clients in Woking, we knew they really wanted a bold space, that was in keeping with the property but also was flexible enough to be used throughout all the zones in the new renovation, a bathroom ensuite, a dressing room and the bedroom and sleeping space. Landing on a statement colour by Farrow and Ball - they used Inchyra Blue - creating an idyllic interior. Our clients loved the moody hue and how it can come across as slightly different colours depending on the light - sometimes more green than blue, and sometimes more grey. Using it boldly throughout their space meant it felt cohesive while the colour still gives variation.

Inchyra Blue bedroom
Inchyra Blue - Idyllic Interior - Woking



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