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Rendered Outdoor Kitchen Dining and Seating Area - Henley-on-Thames

Updated: May 7, 2023

A beautiful landscape project in Henley-on-Thames saw us transform a corner of this stunning garden into a eye catching entertainment area. Creating a designated bespoke barbeque area, rendered to add visual interest and including ample space for an outdoor kitchen, as well as a dining, and seating area. We built a full functioning custom outdoor kitchen, featuring both pizza and rotisserie ovens. The fireside seating area features a fire pit platform that has been rendered to tie in the white rendering surround and kitchen finish. The hardwood decking brings a softness to the space and is level with the grass creating a seamless transition between the lawn and the seating area.

white render, fire-pit sitting area, outdoor kitchen, dining area
Rendered Outdoor Kitchen Dining and Sitting Area - Henley-on-Thames

white rendered outdoor kitchen, dining area and firepit sitting area
Rendered Outdoor Kitchen Dining and Sitting Area

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