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Venetian Plaster Finish - Surrey

Keeping visual interest and adding something different were top priorities for our clients in this Surrey village. The builders for the extension of the property created rooms with lots of lovely natural lights and great new space, however the clients wanted more than a well constructed room. Adding some interior design detailing to the finish choices meant we brought our specialist team of decorators in to apply a venetian plaster finish to the room, adding textural interest to the space. The clients wanted the room to feel inviting, so we chose a floor in warm toned natural wood to anchor the space. Custom lighting was brought in through bespoke wall sconces, adding a soft glow of warm white light to highlight the wall finish and ensure a cohesive look and feel to the beautiful new room.

showing a newly decorated room with a venetian plaster effect on the walls and light oak flooring
Venetian Plaster Finish - Surrey



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